Reasons why to buy a Chromebook in 2018

Do you think that “traditional” laptops are ready to be retired? Well, maybe not just yet. What about something more simple such as rethinking the way we use computers and what we expect of them. In today’s day and age, we are well past the early years of the internet. We are now well into the internet age. Think about how much has changed in the last 10 years… That was when the iPhone made it’s first debut. It was a revolution and the beginning of widespread smartphones and tablets. Here we are now with hundreds of different tech, and there’s always the debate of “Can a tablet replace your PC?” or the “Can a Chromebook replace your PC?”

The answer to these questions are quite simple. It can be as complex as you want it to be. I had the same issue while trying to find me something this year for my film production classes as well as others. Yes, I said film. So, it can be quite demanding on my end.

But why did I choose a “low-powered” portable? Everyone who knows me knows I’m a big fan of any computers and technology. Of all the different laptops I’ve owned, the most convenient one was the chromebooks I’ve had. Now, enough my rambling, here’s what to consider when buying:

What it will be used for

What is it that you want? What do you value most? A mainstream and classically known OS, or a system with all cloud storage? Well, mostly cloud storage. You can use micro sd expansion and USB micro drives to expand up to 2 tb, usually. So, if you truly need the storage, it’s always an option. As well as external devices. A Chromebook is well suited for business professionals, college and high school students, as well as children and the elderly. Anyone can use one, and might be surprised with how much it can do. Unlike the older ones I’ve had, new ones have android app support and it has been TREMENDOUSLY better. As far as games, more tools, offline activities and so on.

The Price Range

They always say,  you get what you pay for. It is true in a sense. Many laptops and items $200 and under will not give much potential or a “premium” feel. Though, a lot do, it’s just the expectations you have of them. My first Chromebook wasn’t in best condition, plastic case that the covers of the ports would fall off, broken webcam, and so on… however, that machine was something I’ve used ALL the time in my years of college (3 years). It was $60 on eBay. Though, if you are looking for a brand spanking new “premium” feeling ‘laptop’, those are available too. Some even $1k from Google themselves, which is a bit high. I didn’t want to go full-in without testing to see if Chromebooks should be the new and only way of computing. Start small, because hopefully someday, Chrome OS will be even better and more superior to the other operating systems!!


I decided to buy the Samsung Chromebook 3 as my new day to day driver. It’s a wonderful product so far. I can do most, if not all of the things my old macbook pro can do. I had the Mid 2007 Macbook Pro that weighed a whopping 4-5 pounds. It was full aluminum that would scratch and bang up usually. It got to be super slow, I filled up the hard drive, and it was such a bother to even deal with. The Chromebook’s lightweight of 1lb or so, small size, is great for my college lectures. The OS was made to be cloud-based so it is extremely fast and takes less than a minute to boot up. Not many hiccups or issues ever. I can leave a recorder on, look up different websites, tools, and even type my notes out if I don’t mind “clicky” keys.. (more premium Chromebooks have better and not as loud keys). It takes up very little of my desk too, enough for a notebook and book too! I would like a premium one eventually, but for now, a Samsung budget one will last me for several years, hopefully! Traditional laptops are getting thinner and thinner, which is great too! Though a Chromebook is great for me, because hopefully I wont fill up the storage, and start focusing on my true needs such as documents and work. Minimalism is a great thing.


All in all, you should ask yourself what your true needs are. Do you need full versions of photoshop, extreme video editing, high end gaming, more power, etc? Then you should go for a windows or mac laptop. Chromebooks are for those who want lightweight and portable computers with long battery life, and to be minimal with their day to day computing. Everything has a purpose in the tech world, and I can’t  weight to see if Google will up it’s game and confidence to provide the best service and products to go head to head with Microsoft and Apple.


SAMSUNG Chromebook 3 XE500C13-K01US Chromebook Intel Celeron N3050 (1.60 GHz) 2 GB Memory 16 GB eMMC SSD 11.6
My new Samsung 3 Chromebook $209 from Walmart Stores

Samsung XE303C12-A01US Samsung Exynos 5250 1.7 GHz 2 GB 16 GB SSD 11.6
My old used $60 Chromebook from eBay 
Apple MacBook Pro Core2Duo 2.2Ghz 15" 1gb RAM 120gb HD MA895LL/A
Old, outdated, clunky 2007 Macbook Pro



The mind of someone with bipolar: part 3

Again, I lay in my bed which is common occurrence while my mind is upset, agitated and confused. I have no words in which I can explain the struggle. I’m not extremely depressed like a depression episode would actually be. But I’m not happy, reasonable and rational either. It’s a mix of everything that can be felt but all focused on my dark side. It’s the dark that I wish I could light on fire, to see the pitch black hole within my mind to be destroyed by a bright light. I want to feel happy and stable like I am in the day.

I guess it really is seasonal deression. Our days are much colder, this weekend and week has been a high of 40. Other days it gets warm at 70, even Mother Earth has the same struggles as I do. I see her most nights in the moon, the brightness of her beauty shines my whole room. I feel peace and comfort when sitting near the window and looking up her. Though, the winter days, I do not see her as much as I wish. I miss her terribly as I drown in the faux loneliness that I feel. 

Laying in bed the past few nights all I feel is a lack of something and the baggage of loneliness. As I’ve said, I have no reason to be lonely. I do not have any right to be. My life is full of happiness and love that I’m ever so thankful for. I just need to search and investigate the “part” of me that feels the dark depths of my soul. I wish I knew where it would be as I have no idea at the moment. I was wonderful, changing, doing great things… Now a troubled mind and emotions tries to intervene with my happiness 

It has no power to take over my mind or body. I still have the dedication and right mindset to fight it through. I’ll win because I always win over my illness. My brain and I are stronger than ever. I just wish I could be held like a baby at times, hear a humming sound and heartbeat, the warmness. This sounds bizarre and ridiculous/stupid coming from a young adult. Though I guess I miss the feeling of having no worries, being reassured without knowledge of our world and surroundings. The innocence compared to what I’ve grown into is drastic.

One day I’ll find the reason why I was led down the road of bipolar and illnesses. One day I’ll advocate and love those who struggle with the same illness. One day I’ll find a cure.

One day is now. And I’m ready.

My Personal Pagan Altar

Hello guys! As you may know, I’m pagan in a sense. My beliefs are very wide spread, everyday I grow and find new practices and beliefs to research. Im eclectic you may say. But this is my first “altar”. It doesn’t look like a traditional altar that is black red white and witchy, the things you see on television and the media. A witch is basically a bearer of wisdom and knowledge, often of the universe and it’s mysterious powers. 
My personal beliefs will be explained later on, but here’s photos of what my altar looks like as of now. Very discreet. 

I used butterfly led lights that run on 2 AA batteries from TJ Maxx. The little heart with J and M with the pink skull near it was a gift from my lovely boyfriend. You can see our photo above, which helps me feel comfort and allow me to have him near. The wreath is from the DIY post. And the shelf with native Americans has been in this room since 1998. We never clean or move things lol. The natives fit great in my opinion
My boyfriend made me this clay heart the first few months we got together back in 2016. The J for his name and M for me. The pink skull was just something he put up there after they broke off his keys. I just like it, and it adds precious moments to my personal space.
The photo of my partner and I. He’s literally the sweetest and kindest person. Im thankful and blessed to have him. Hes been so patient with me, even when I was crazy and left him times :/ hes very forgiving. We both are. That makes us both strong and happy. I will marry him one day.

The green buddha, and the one with his hands together is what I got at TJ Maxx. The green one has lavander and rosemary in it for a fresh scent. The one with its arms up is a gift my sister bought me for christmas (winter solstice) 2017. Its precious. She’s my heart. Always kind and angelic. She bought me a rock crystal lamp that changes colors and charges usb on Christmas of 2016. The buddha in the middle is a candle my brother bought me on Christmas 2016, i looooove it. The last one is a baby buddha all the way on the right covering his ears: hear no evil. I have dream catchers hanging on pegs above. I have a vintage heavy crystal glass cup for my fresh water offerings i replace in the morning and before i sleep at night. Funny thing is, the bowl was originally for sugar cubes. I also have the Love will save the day sign. Everything in this world needs love. I have no altar runner yet, kinda want to crochet one to make it personal. This is upon a bookshelf so i have tons of space for books and whatnot
My witchcraft so far isn’t elaborated very much, I mostly do small silent prayers and blessings, and just stand and meditate over it with the candle, then close my eyes and blow out, allowing the smoke to cleanse the area. My room is white and gets the most light so it feels very airy. I love it. I’m beginning to go more minimalistic so my room is becoming more comfortable and peaceful. I light up the LEDs when I am just laying around reading, playing on my phone, writing or crocheting. It’s not very much in the least, but I love it. 

I would love to see other altars, if you have any that you don’t mind sharing, please comment. 🙂 Have a great day everyone. 

The mind of someone who has bipolar: part 2

Once again, I’m lying here with phone in hand… No texts or calls, just me in bed. I’m lonely and my heart is sinking. For what reason? I’m not entirely sure. My life is 100% perfect. I should have no reason to be this sad and lonely. My head plays so many games with me, to make me feel worthless and isolated when I’m not even close the that. Currently I want to get up and play games, crochet, write and work on inspiring blog posts. But my mind and body won’t let me. It’s just me in a silent room, no voices or hallucinations thankfully…

As winter furthers on, it allows me to weep and grieve. Consciously I am not wanting to, but for many days and nights that’s how it feels. It mostly only happens at night when I’m alone. As the seasons change, I change. Not only am I trying to better myself, but my seasonal depression is beginning to kick in. There’s no warning or no reason why. All I can conclude is that I’m sad without any reason to be. I shouldn’t be allowed to be depressed because I’m a very privledged person. I’m thankful, yet my mind falls into a deeper state without cares. I can feel it tugging and pulling at my soul, wanting me to come into their arms. The darkness and depression used to be what kept me together. Even though it was horrible, I didn’t know who I was without it. That was me in my teen years.

As for now, my early 20s, I am beginning to know myself, or at least have a picture/intuition of who I really am. I have left the confusing state of teenage issues, and now run into the depressions and responsibilities of what adulthood demands. My depressed thoughts mostly revolve around money, and how I will ever support myself and grow a family with my partner. I also have obsessive compulsive disorder, so my thoughts become so obsessive that I want to rip my hair out. I am constantly worried and scared about financial issues… I’m afraid I’ll end up homeless. I guess that’s everyone’s fear though. 

My spiritual beliefs are very fluid and transforms daily. However I am not feeling much lately, and it could be because of the dull or blankness that I feel. I cannot practice my beliefs very freely in my house. I want to have a beautiful altar and decorate my house witchy and very hippie like. But that can’t happen till I have a place which also requires money. Sometimes I feel spiritually dead. Or in a coma. 

Don’t get me wrong, this post is very dull and off-putting… But I’m not full blown depressed yet and that’s what worries me so much. I’m afraid that this will put me into a depressed state that will last months. I’m worried because the last time this happened, I failed school and only slept every day. I am pushing myself hard and know that I can do it, that I can defeat this sadness and blue that I feel. It takes time and inner patience, something I’m learning as I go…. 

The days come and go. The older I get, the quicker it seems to fly by. My mom has always told me that, now I believe her. Even though they come and go, progressing and moving along. My same mood cycle seems to keep churning. I’m much better than I was, I’m blessed. But to sometimes think of the fact that I’ll have my illness till I die really saddens me. I want to know and experience how a real mood swing happens, or how a normal brain processes. 

I want to know what it’s like to not obsess on every single detail in life, obsess on the past, have intrusive and evil thoughts, be scared of myself, fear about repeating mistakes, self sabotage everything good, to spend loads of money on useless shit, and so on. I hate the negativity that I put out when I get into a sad and bad mood, or episode. 

I don’t like being known as the guy who never wants or can get out of bed. Sleeping days away, or allowing sleep to take up so much time only reminds me how much of my life is being wasted. I don’t like being known as a bitch or someone who is cold-hearted. Sometimes in these states or mind sets, I will shut down completely. It’s not my intention or my choice, it just happens. My mind has self defenses and they are dangerous. I look into everything someone says or how they say it. I can think someone was being offensive when that wasn’t the case in the least. I wish and try so hard to not look into everything. To not focus on what people say and do. All I do is hurt myself and others by doing that. 

I know I’m not the only one out there struggling with this disorder and the obstacles I have. Sometimes it just feels like I’m a stranger and alien in the world. But most of all, in my head.

What is Bipolar Disorder? 

This is one of the topics that will be stressed and focused on throughout. Many people have only heard bipolar as an adjective which is extremely offensive and off putting. That’s my opinion though. If you call someone bipolar for having mood swings, or attitude issues, just stop. Do not call yourself bipolar unless you truly have it. I sound like an asshole, but many people who do and say these ignorant things have no idea what so ever. Then again, I do know that it isn’t there fault at all. Media and people’s biases towards mental illnesses is what causes these behaviors. Bipolar Disorder isn’t to be ashamed of, it’s not that we’re weird or violent, it’s just the fact that many people don’t know what the disorder concludes. 

Hostile behaviors that put others in danger doesn’t happen usually. As for myself and many others, we are violent but it’s internally. The only person we want to hurt is ourselves. I used to think that cutting and self harm was what I deserved. And that’s a delusion of the illness. I read somewhere that it’s 97-99% of people who are not dangerous towards other people. The issue to be aware of is suicidal tendencies and self harm.

Another misconception is when someone laughs and says, date a bipolar person because their mood will always change. This isn’t funny in the least. I was diagnosed with bipolar II and had rapid cycling. I was tested, and my mood would shift back and forth between elated and spiral downhill within 10 min intervals. 10 min. That is not even close to a mood swing. These shifts in moods can make people suicidal because when you “crash” or ‘plummet”, you are fucked up. It’s emotionally tiring and the huge crashes as I call them, can trigger episodes of depression lasting 1-6 months. There are manic states as well, which are opposite. 
The difference between Bipolar I and Bipolar II is basically what extreme you’re prone to, to my knowledge. Bipolar II, the one I have, is when my brain has negative thoughts almost regularly. I’m on the dark side of depression. I cannot, usually, go full blown manic. However I can become hypomanic which is a not extreme version of mania. Bipolar I is when manic symptoms and episodes are more prevalent in the patient. They can become full manic, which can become dangerous. According to several studies I’ve seen over the years is that Bipolar II patients are more likely to die from suicide early in life. This is usually when they are not medicated the right way.

During depression episodes, getting out of bed is extremely hard. You don’t want to live anymore and sometimes want to be isolated. I’ve had one so bad that it caused me to fail and drop out of college. The depression can cut deep to your core, and everything feels useless. Nothing matters. Life is just a burden. Wanting peace and sometimes believing that death can solve the issue. When in reality its completely irrational. These states are hard to make others understand, you cry a lot, shake, feel numb, or just have no feelings to an extent. It’s just a dark pit that’s hard to crawl out of. Reminding yourself that it always gets better is necessary to live. Though it’s hard, it must be remembered even when it all feels so real. It’s another trick of the brain. Almost like your brain attacking itself.

On the other hand, there’s mania and hypomania. Full blown can destroy themselves with partying, alcohol, drugs, and much more. Just like depression, your brain is no longer in your control. It’s just as dangerous as suicidal tendencies because of the irrational thinking. When you’re manic, you can do and say inappropriate things. It feels like a high, literally almost like a drug. Spending money, sex, drugs, gambling, and other addictive activities are the enemies and evils. They can leave the patient without money and stability. “Waking up” or when the mood lowers back down to the ‘normal’ or balanced state, realizing what had happened makes you feel crazy, upset and can lead to depression mood or episode because of the loss that happened. Mania usually starts when you begin to feel elated for no reason. You just feel happy, then talk constantly or slur words. My loved ones had told me that it’s good to feel that way, but it’s not. When you go into mania, do inappropriate things, you come back home and realized the crazy things that happened. That’s when you crash into depression.

Bipolar people have a different reaction and/or way of thinking. Most patients are very creative and intelligent, just like a lot of other illness. To truly understand someone with a mental disorder, speaking with them can give a great insight. It is very hard to type or to put into words sometimes, but simply asking and interviewing them can help a lot. 

Being open minded and listening is all that someone wants when they have a mental illness. Leaving criticisms and personal opinions or advice to the side, getting to know the way they function helps reduce the stigmas surrounding it. 

The mind of someone who has bipolar: Part 1

It’s another one of those nights where I lay here and look at the ceiling trying to find a cure. My mind races with the negative past I’ve had, and how much pain my loved ones have suffered because of me. It’s like a vulture picking every piece of meat off the bone. These thoughts are consuming me and trying to eat at my soul. It hurts because I don’t understand. I never will.

This disorder helps me so much sometimes, it’s taught me how to be empathetic and forgiving. To love deeply, to have courage and faith… I wish some days I were ‘normal’ well… At least have a functioning brain. Yet, I know not to complain because it’s just an intrusive thought. I’m thankful for everything and that sometimes can be forgotten in the moment.

It feels like I’m a zombie some days. I can barely get myself out of bed to begin my day. I dread certain things of the day or worry myself sick because of them. When I mean sick, I mean literally physically sick. I have been diagnosed with multiple physical issues over the years due to my mental state and medications. I have been on at least 20 different medications over the past 8 years. Most of which I was the lab rat.

My mind jumps from one thing to the next, sometimes I can’t even write or text without jumping from subject to subject. Example: I can talk to you about Allison’s great achievements. Then while talking, my brain wanders off and I think about other parts of her life. Or it’ll go to a completely random subject such as food etc. I have to either stop and tell them what I’m thinking, or just try to help make others understand my attention issues. It’s a very scary thing sometimes… Not the getting off subject but the way I process.

 I become very forgetful as I can stop in a conversation and just forget right then. I become loss for words. Which is an issue in itself. I cannot put my feelings into words, phrases or even describe how I feel sometimes. When someone says “what’s wrong?” I want to say “everything”. Though I don’t because they think I’m attention seeking or just being “dramatic”

Dramatic. Hah. I’ve been called that a lot. Many will say I’m too emotional or dramatic and to get over it. I just stop and look at them like they’re the idiot. Honestly do not say those things to someone diagnosed with bipolar. That’s a stupid statement and an ignorant remark. Open a book and learn what bipolar disorder is.

A lot of people look at me and don’t believe I have the illness. But when you live with me for years, you’ll begin to see what bipolar people can struggle with. I’ll see hallucinations and have delusions. I’ll talk and make no sense and days I want to be in a corner because of scary thoughts or voices. That’s the psychotic symptoms. They can be bizarre and scary.

 Other days I’ll have a huge depression episode and will be unable to do anything all day and/or night. I will talk about suicide and other destructive things. I make jokes about my disorder, suicide, pain and so on. I have very dark humor. A lot of people will get mad at me for saying this. Let me tell you that everyone already has. I know it’s wrong to joke about, but on the days of suicidal feelings, a laugh or joke can bring you out of it. Laughing helps me cope sometimes. And when I joke about dark things, most likely if you listen closely, you will find out I already experience or felt something like that before.

Moving on, I’m still laying here and my thoughts are beginning to calm down. I no longer hear the screaming or being reminded of something terrible I done over one year ago. My mind has juggled so many topics and flashbacks. The constant thinking and thoughts can exhauste beyond repair. Sleep doesn’t seem like enough sometimes.

Off Grid Living: Back to Nature

The topic of one of my absolute dreams is off grid living. I still live with my parents, no job yet other than eBay. (I’m lame right? Lol). Hopefully, one day I will have that little cabin or small shack built with my hands and all the ideas and designs I have. Theres so many desirable things about living without being attached to the grid. You’re free to live how you choose, still being a consumer of the world, but just a little more independent. Many would say, there’s no way in hell to live without (favorite things and ‘necessities’). But here’s a few things you and I could learn from an off grid lifestyle.

1. Self reliance — it’s something that we all have to learn sooner or later. We’ve been taught since we were young to be independent when we leave our homes and/or become an adult. But do we really become independent? Yes in a way, but we also depend on our government and major services such as power, sewage, water, food, and houses. With off grid thinking, there are many possibilities and ways for us to find DIYs and creative ways to provide these services for ourselves. Using YouTube and many sites such as Pinterest can fuel your creativity and imagination. Also helping boost experience and skills.

2. Less Media. — When I speak of media, I’m talking about things such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on. Even the news such as CNN and other depressing outlets! It’s an extremely hard step to eliminate social media from your life, but it’s possible. I’ve done it, and it really makes you feel alienated. In a good way! There’s no reason for us to be completely connected to the world at our finger tips 24/7. (Its ironic I’m writing on the internet). But truly, my point is, we can have MUCH more time with our family when electricity is limited due to solar power and conservation. Charging a laptop or all gadgets become last on your to-do list. It’ll feel like the “old” days without much connectivity. But having a simple phone and postal system is great for more sincere communication.

3. Gardening — Many will still choose to buy a majority, if not all, produce from the grocery store. However, many people like me, who love to be more conscious about eco friendly living and self sufficient ideals, will garden a lot! As a child, I always played the game “Harvest Moon’ a farming simulator for Nintendo 64. I fell in love with gardening and animals, etc. Guess that’s why I’m a hippie today? But, gardening and raising animals allows you to know exactly what your food comes from and what chemicals could be on it. Also a plus is the taste of home grown food. Growing up in the country, I love the grown tomatoes my grandpa cared for. Gardening can become your next passion as well! I’m excited to grow my own food and flowers this year. 

4. Handy man and Building Skills — if you’re like me, I have little knowledge on piping, electrical wiring and even building things. But with a whole internet at your convince (usually) you can find so many tutorials to learn just about anything. It’s so much easier that it used to be, in my opinion. Or, you can go to libraries and study about them! In the end, you’ll learn so many things and even experiment with them whether you go off grid or not.

These were just a couple ideas that come to mind when you think of off grid. Most who do this lifestyle want to become minimalistic. And that is one of the things I want to commit my life to. I’m beginning to throw out and donate my possessions that really just take up space. I can create a post on minimalism later, but the point is, you can live so more simply with less items. Having the things you use daily is crucial, but for things that gather dust is useless. Off grid usually ties into the tiny house movement which is also a minimal life style due to less space. These styles allow you to be away from society when you want to rest after work (if you want). It allows you to really focus on loved ones and things that matter without distractions of material items and what electronics have done for us today. It’s good to be connected, but it can make you miserable as we are so addicted to our phones and so on. There are studies linked to this which explains the depression rate increase. 

Not to go off track, but concluding, off grid is a great idea if it’s well accepted in your community or government. (Yes there’s even some places that want to ban it completely due to consumerism). If you’ve never heard of off grid, tiny houses, and minimalism, check it out on YouTube or other blogs. It’s extremely interesting! Find what you’re passionate about, this may be a new passion for you!

Take care, 


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The Price of Words

Do we really ever think things out completely? Many do. Though some do not, and never will. What is the cost of words?

Words can cause psychological damage. Feed fury and many other evils. As I was a high school student, I realized how much words can hurt. They can kill as well. At the time, I was still at my peak of hormones and developing not only myself, but the mental issues. Unfortunately, tons of people have ridiculed me, betrayed, and talked shit about me. Religion was used against me, and that’s part of the reason why I parted from Christianity, and to follow my own religion. Not to get into all that, but let’s sit here and think about it.

When we’re mad, should we really say something? Part of the time, yes. But it also depends on how you say it. Your pitch and tone of voice can do so much damage or cause unnecessary drama. I have almost lost loved ones due to my disrespectful and anger-fed words. I’m thankful to have my family and my boyfriend that care/forgive me as much as they do… Being thankful for the loves in our life is very important. 

We all go through heartaches and challenging times. Words have a big influence on what results in our life. We should use them wisely, think about not only ourselves in our anger, but the other one as well. Not only anger applies to this, but frustration, and other moods and emotions that come about. My emotions and moods go crazy sometimes due to my bipolar disorder. But. Is that an excuse? Hell to the no.

Bullied years and other experiences could have been prevented in many ways. The list goes on of possible ways and how to communicate the right way. Look at it this way, do you want to be known for good things or the bad? Make your choice of words based on that thought. 

Our words can come out fast. The can have wonderful experiences and bring opportunities. Or they can be absolutely devastating or painful. It’s not only one person’s responsibility but both. All of ours. A mouth can be controlled. My mother always said to bite your tongue. Or wait 30 min to speak after being very angry. I’ve thought long and hard about this after an event that happened about a year ago. Self control is something we all must work on and practice. It’s for our own good. 

The cost of words. It’s very similar to everything in this world, for one action must lead to another. There’s a reaction for every choice we make. 

To begin self control, self improvement, and redice our painful experience is to analyze our thoughts. A thought or reaction doesn’t need to be put into words or be spoken. Not everything needs a reaction. To learn to be flexible, open minded, and finding inner peace… It can save a ton of misunderstandings and other pains. 

Think critically, challenge and stretch your brain. Self discipline leads to a healthy life and mental state. Communicate wisely.



Pentagram Wreaths: DIY Pagan

Hello everyone! I just finished making this simple wreath for my altar. It cost me a total of $3 plus tax. Got all the supplies at Dollar Tree. You will need a willow wood wreath, any color Raffia (I chose purple) sheer ribbon, or any of your choosing. I thought it would be thicker, but it’s barely noticeable when up in the light of my altar. I recommend not choosing ribbon there lol unless it’s good. 

Starting with the wreath, I just wrapped the ribbon around the edges, kinda just adding some color to the twigs 

Next, took the Raffia, and split it into 3 or 4 strands, maybe more, it’s decently thick. Mind you this is forming the star points.

Then, I wrapped one end of the Raffia around the place where I started, then tied it off real good. Trimmed the excess long ends til my desired look. Make sure the point you start at is one of the 5 correct points. You don’t want to mess up or tie it too tight and have no room to move it down.

The tied points must be firm to keep it in place. Once I tied the first end, I then wrapped the Raffia into a cord-like or yarn strand to keep it from looking too grassy. I want the pentagram very well shown.

Then I tied that point to the side of the wreath. This is one of the 5 lines. Proceeding on to the next one, you just do the same exact thing until you have the star.

When I got to points that overlapped, I kind of weaved it over and under itself, as it brings the pentagram all together and not separate, leaving a gap of space.

Make sure that you tie the points that it connects to the wreath very well. As the Raffia is very stringy, easy to break or slide off. I wanted my “wreath” to last for more than a couple months. 

When I say “wreath” I mean that it couldve been done much more elegantly and elaborated. I was shopping at Dollar stores and thrift shops and this just seemed alright. You can add flowers, and so on.

If you have any questions feel free to ask!

Have a great day/night guys!

I’ve attached photos of the materials

The Future: Guide to Happiness 

When you think during the day, or when your mind rambles and ponders, what comes to mind when you think about the word “Future“? Maybe it’s the average things such as a job, family, marital status, growing older, etc. 

What has always came to my mind with this word is all of the above. Worrying about the future constantly, freaking out if I will fail, not make it, repeat previous mistakes, if my family will die, what if I never find a job or career… It’s a cycle of endless things, the negative things. Our society and culture (US) has so many expectations. We must always be working, not just physically, but mentally. And that is where we as people, are failing. 
The topics stated, are what the media and everyone expects. TV shows, marketing, famous people, and social media makes us criticize ourselves constantly. We look at Sam and Sally, and think, “Oh they are so happy. I wish I had a family like that. Look at all the great things they have/do. I wish I could be that happy…” We have these thoughts, human nature mostly. We envy what other people have, or what the majority think of as “happy ending. great life.” This is brutal. It’s costing our whole lives to be thrown away. Don’t you see? Look in front of you, look deep into your heart… We have a whole world sitting in front of us. We have each other. Lets be happy in the moment. 

You may say, “But how? That isn’t possible.” I thought the same thing for so long. So long, did I compare myself to everyone around me. So long did I want what everyone had. So long did I think about the future and what it had in store for me, if I would have a happy ending, or how my life will turn out. This mentality can kill you. Many people it wouldn’t, at least instantly. However, people like me that have serious mental health issues, this is pure toxic. These thoughts lead to suicide. This is a serious thing. 

The way our society tries to promote “happiness” is just a knock off product. Everything you see online and in-person has two sides. There’s a good (maybe) and there’s a bad. This is reality. What is the rational thought that justifies you’ll be happy with tons of money? There has been people so miserable with fame and fortune that it kills them or leads to more mental issues and tragedy. Money cannot make you happy. Nor anything else that seems “perfect” and dreamy. 

True happiness and contentment comes from your heart and soul.

It’s time for you to be selfish. Not too selfish, like becoming obsessed with the negative things society wants us to. Do as they say, treat yourself. Be yourself. There are so many opportunities and life experiences you can have by yourself. We may crave physical and emotional love a lot. Which it is great to have. But can we start with ourselves? Do you truly know yourself? 

Right now, sit down, and list 10 things you love about yourself. Compliment yourself. Heck, do more if you have more. 

Even though my mental illness has hurt and destroyed me in ways beyond explaination, I learned how to be happy. A very helpful tip, I deleted and detoxed social media overall. Facebook is the worst invention. I have no regrets

When you are thinking negative and terrible things about yourself, or just in general. Just stop and observe from a 3rd person’s view. Almost in a meditative or quiet state, let the thoughts come and go. Ask yourself, is this thought helpful? Does this really explain what type of person I am? Do I really need this to be happy? 

Tell yourself to stop beating yourself up. This is your body and soul. You are precious and have the universe inside of you. Treat the chatter in your head that it is just like people talking in a room. Separate your negative and useless thoughts from your true thoughts. The ones that lift you up and bring you motivation, making you healthier. 

Do not make the mistake that I did, and refuse to change. To bundle up and just let the darkness eat me alive. Negative thoughts can be hard to make go away. But I realized, my brain and body is my home. Our bodies are the housing of our soul. (If you believe in one.)

After this post, if you want to see better results, have no attachment to your unhealthy thoughts, Google CBT: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

Make a commitment to yourself, that you will journal and keep track of your thoughts and feelings. Try it daily to keep the relationship with yourself going. Do positive activities such as meditation, spiritual activities, blogging, writing, a favorite hobby, studying and researching, making friends and building relationships, make short term goals. 

Making short term goals and taking everything one step at a time is life. To live a life, to enjoy every moment, we must make positive changes as soon as we can. We must be committed to our own mental health and sanity. Life is meant to be enjoyed to the best of our ability. I believe in a creator and they wouldn’t want humanity suffering.

Do what you can to help yourself. It will help others along the way. Everything you need will be given to you. Don’t worry about things you can’t change. Worry about things you can change. You are NEVER alone. There’s always someone out there on your side.

Take care everyone.